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29 May 2008 @ 12:12 am

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November 10, 2005 - May 29, 2008

17 January 2007 @ 11:57 pm
It's my Birthday! \^O^/

Yeshu, I'm 21! 8D I R Legal!
And yeshhh. Public post! X3

My birthday ended wonderfully. TwT Thanks to all my lovely friends and family!
Thank you so, so much!

I don't care if this is long. I'm not even going to bother putting this in ljcut.
Because these are ALL important!

Thank You Shout-outs!

Thank you alwizhyper, shibahara and shirua for having dinner and dessert with me on my birthday!


A super BIG Thank You, to:

Hock Yu

...for organizing the surprise birthday cake for me!
Especially Jesc who arranged it (although it was last minute XD)
This is my first ever surprise birthday, so I really, really appreciate it.
I was really surprised! At first when the lights went out, I was like.. "Crap! Electricity gone?! D:" and later realized Yuki came in with the cake. XD; HOHH GOSH! Secret Recipe's Banana Chocolate cake is so much love! Thank you so much, guys. TwT I jumped in shock... seeing Boo behind me. XD; I thought he was still in Singapore.


Thank you Mommy and Daddy for the wishes, the (other!) birthday cake, the new digital camera and birthday money! X3
Also, thank you Jie for the wishes (both through email and SMS) and also, the birthday money! I love you, and will be visiting you very soon in Shanghai! ♥


Thank You, to:
shibahara - for the adorable shark plushie! ♥ I love it so much!
shirua - for the cute emoticon plushie and the strawberry keychain! ♥
shirou_ohsakura, blakwing_dias and sizerazrael - for Zack le Hump! 8DD I love him so!
Kaoru - My lovely, lovely cousin :) For the adorable porcupine CD case!
mi_chi_ru (and joeykaiba?) - for the T-shirt! Yes, it's very me. XD


Also, Thank You! to:

ciaran_chayne, joeykaiba and jenova - for the birthday dedication entry ♥
lemon_puurin - Hubby-chu! For the birthday wish. Twice! TwT I love youuuuu! ♥ *glomps*
trirose, mi_chi_ru, CK (you remembered!! X3) and Edward - for the birthday call! It's so nice of you guys!
Shalu, Gine and Adrian - for the birthday SMS! (there were others who SMSed also, but their names are already mentioned here! X3)
rh11, minses, noixex and Jake (:O! you remembered! ♥) - for the birthday wishes through MSN (and Friendster XD).

....Thank you, Gothboy for calling. You seriously love being the last, no? XD; Thanks for the wishes. ♥ Miss seeing you.... Come home soon? T3T


Thank you everyone else, who have wished me Happy Birthday! ^w^
I truly appreciate it. ^__^

You guys have made my 21st birthday very meaningful. ;w;

I'll remember this day 'till I die.
I love you guys so much... ;___;

With loads of love,
Aki | Joey

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09 November 2005 @ 12:31 am
Concerning The Pictures I Take and Basically, My Dolls
Updated this, because it seems that people still don't get this.
I'm not going to sugar-coat this entry, I'm going straight to the point.

As I've said before, I hate reinforcing these 'rules', but there's really a 100 (and 1) reasons why I keep my entries friends-locked.

Please understand that I add anyone who asks to be added, because I give everyone a chance. So when I do add you, please know that I did so because I (at the very least) trust you. I expect you understand that my pictures/drawings/whatever posted in my friends-locked entries are strictly friends only. You cannot, I repeat, cannot use anything that is in my entries for any use at all. The same goes for everyone, be it people I just met, and friends I've known for a while/long time.

To make sure it's clear this time...
- You cannot use and/or repost anything that has been posted in my journal (or DoA, for that matter. But then again, DoA has its own rules). Images, which include pictures of my kids, drawings/sketches, etc cannot be taken without my permission. No using them in forums/webdesigns/magazines/your other personal use. The only thing you can do, is save them into your own computer and KEEP it for your own personal view. That's all. If you have my permission to repost them at any particular place, then by all means go ahead. Most of the time, I only allow this when it's giftart or gift-pics.

- My dolls are my property, literally. People who know me should understand that I am extra touchy when it comes to them. If you don't know me, then at least KNOW that I am extremely touchy when it comes to my dolls. I do not appreciate you taking my pictures and giving them out like they are yours. If you want to show pictures to newbies/interested people/whatever as reference, please ONLY use pictures that I have posted in DoA to show. To remind you again, there are reasons why I keep most of my entries friends-locked, and most of the time there are pictures I don't want the public to see.

- Pictures that I've taken with my own camera are strictly mine and mine alone. Whether or not your dolls are in the pictures, the pictures are still taken by me and cannot be reposted anywhere. You may save the pictures into your own computers and that is all.

- On my dolls itself, pictures that you've taken during meetups. Please do not give out any pictures of my dolls for TV shows/magazines/anything that has to do with the media purposes. Please note that I said, my dolls. Go ahead if you're asked for an interview and you want to show off your own dolls. But I, myself would like to keep a low profile on things, and do not appreciate seeing pictures of my dolls in magazines and whatnot without my consent. Do not assume that I agree to this just because you have told me about it and I didn't go berserk. I really have nothing against this for anyone, but I just don't like my own dolls involved.

- Never pass my dolls off as yours! That's pretty obvious, don't you think?

- Please do not discuss about the personal things that I have written in my journal with other people. It's common sense.. that I lock my personal entries for a reason, so I do not appreciate you talking about it to the entire world.


Even if I have given permission to you to use my pictures, credits are required.
Another reminder that this goes out to everyone. There are no 'special' exceptions.

I deeply apologize if anyone found this offensive. It's not meant to be any personal attacks or anything of that sort. I just need to make myself clear and I hope you get the point. If you cannot stand the way I do things (or you just disagree with what I've said), then simply unfriend me from your list.

Yes, I know I may seem selfish, unreasonable and whatnot. I might even sound a like snob. But I am very protective with my dolls.. because they mean a lot to me. They are for my personal enjoyment, and I share this joy with my friends and people who I can trust.

Thank You all for understanding.
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